Why Owned & Operated sites are more relevant than ever before

Prioritizing social media might not be the neatest business decision, as Owned & Operated sites offer much greater value than social media platforms.

These days, social media seems to be everything when it involves reaching potential customers for your business. With social media ads and multiple ways to distribute your content, it may be very tempting to place all the trouble and content on these platforms. However, prioritizing social media might not be the neatest business decision, as Owned & Operated sites offer much greater value than social media platforms. At HAF, we manage O&O sites in focused verticals to deliver the best results to our clients.

These sites have better-segmented audiences and advertisers are willing to pay a premium to access them. While content creators can make the most of social media advertising, O&O sites still offer unprecedented revenue opportunities and an overall premium experience. At HAF, we offer the full range of performance marketing results that enable brands to reach in-market prospects by expanding their customer base.

This is to not say that social media platforms should be completely dismissed. It is a tool that will be used for promotion and driving traffic to your site. However, they’re not a substitute for O&O websites.

Looking to find out more about owned and operated sites to drive sales for your business? Find out more here or contact us!

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