HAF & Google Ads as a new partnership

Henry Ads Factory is excited to announce its partnership with Google Ads Program to introduce, optimize and scale paid media strategies with HAF lead generation premium advertisers.

Since the introduction of HAF owned & distributed landing pages, publishers have multiple angles to generate high quality content to reach buyers KPIs in a high scale. Through this partnership, Google Ads Program will now be accessible to any publisher who wishes to learn more about the Program in order to solve and improve their current activity with Google Ads.

For current Henry Ads Factory Publishers partners, adding Google Ads Program will be a great way to tap into incremental revenues and extend Henry AdsFactory demand across their full range of lead generation advertising inventory, including landing pages optimizations and new o&o technology to automatically build custom funnels for top performing landing pages.

For the Publishers who have not yet had the chance to work with Henry Ads Factory, this new offering is a smooth entry point to explore the company’s unique demand and maximize publisher yield with the dedicated Google Ads Program.

“Traditionally the policies of the big advertising platforms have been very strict for the affiliate industry. With access to the the new Google Ads program, we bring all Henry Ads Factory publishers directly closer to the largest ad platform in the world, offering direct contact with Google and study of each account in a personalized way, which will streamline processes and scale effectively.”

Enric Sabaté, Managing Director at HAF Henry Ads Factory.

Publishers can utilize HAF´s 600+ lead generation advertisers to monetize their paid media activity, including display, native, social, email and seo traffic. For advertisers, this offering will allow HAF to show their ads, engage customers and reach quality KPIS with the support of Google Ads Programs.

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